What does lip filler treatment include?

The system for lip fillers includes a few fine infusions to your lips. The facility attendant will guarantee that your system is all around as agreeable as conceivable by applying ice and effective sedative to the area, in some cases nerve blocks on a case by case basis.

What lip filler items are utilized?

All of our lip filler medicines are performed utilizing hyaluronic corrosive (HA) filler items. HA is a perplexing sugar that is normally occuring in the skin. Just the most trustworthy and proof based items are utilized at the facility, for ideal wellbeing and results.

Who will play out my lip filler treatment?

Dr. Resat who is completely prepared in the most recent methods of lip increase will go through the strategy. Dr. Resat has numerous long stretches of involvement and is continually refreshing her procedures to give exceptional outcomes to our patients.

What results would I be able to anticipate?

Results will shift contingent upon your prior lips, wanted outcomes and the state of your skin and encompassing facial designs. More slender lips (from age or legacy) can be likewise be improved, as do lips that will generally twist under. Lip fillers can keep going for 6 – a year.

Are there any conceivable incidental effects?

Any incidental effects are by and large infusion site related, like redness, expanding, bumps, swelling, tingling, skin discolouration, agony and delicacy. These are gentle and will generally resolve in a couple of days, yet for certain medicines they might endure longer.